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Hassan Meer

Artist and Curator


  • Hassan Meer

    Hassan Al Meer was born in Muscat the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman in 1972 where he continues to live and work. He received his Masters degree in Art in 2000 and his Bachelor degree in Fine Art with Media Art specialization in 1999 from Savannah College of art and design, Georgia, USA. During his study, he started using video and installation art as a new form to express his ideas, which have been inspired by personal experience and childhood memories with an impressionable sense of spirituality.


In the year 2000 he organized the Circle Show, which, is taking the lead in encouraging this new form of art in Oman and the region. His work has been presented in many local and international exhibitions.


    Hassan is very much inspired by the changes in culture identity and he studies individual identity in relation to a collective experience through his installation works. His work is also a contemplation and search into the spiritual domain and the magic rituals bequeathed to us from ancient times which, has established itself profoundly in our society. It narrates his pondering and questioning of death, the mortality of man and examines others local prevalent rituals.


    Between September-October 2012, Hassan Meer undertook a residency programme at the Delfina Foundation in London. His exhibitions include: 8th Sharjah International Biennale, UAE (2013); Arab Express, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2012); Work Marry Remember, AB Gallery, Zurich (2012); Reflections, Stal Gallery (2013); Fotofest Biennial, Houston, Texas (2014) and All Silent for the buzzing Royal College of Art Galleries, Kensington, London (2014). His work is exhibited in many public and private collections in Oman and abroad.


    My work is a contemplation and search in the spiritual domain and the magic rituals bequeathed to us from ancient times and has established itself profoundly in our society. My work relates to the Levant , its beliefs and legends. It narrates my pondering and questioning of death, the mortality of man and examine other local prevalent rituals.


    Since my childhood, here in Oman, I have always thought and wondered about the powerful effects these mysterious legends have in controlling and directing the course of man’s life.


    Art to me is a language, and a medium through which I seek to discover the state of human and the contradiction, he undergoes in the midst of cultural and civilization conflict. I attempt to link some of these elements and symbolic concepts shared among the various cultures.


    In our present day and with the sharp upheavals and fluctuations our societies experience, I realize the paramount importance of experience and research employing new tools and artistic devices that are more capable in portraying and expressing contemporary issues.


    I employ what I call ‘ the conceptual seed ‘ or the art that is based on a concept or an idea making use of video art photography. The experiment is developed on basis of realities i.e. not to experiment in abstract.


    During the last few years, I directed my experiment towards a unique mélange of both the personal and the general experiences i. e. between personal and general memories and recollections.

  • Education

    Master of Arts
    Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia, USA, DEC 2000


    Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia, USA, DEC 1999


    Projects and Events

    2013 “Ibex Caravan” Public art project
    2010 “Oryx Caravan” Art event, a project with 40 Artist for the 40th Anniversary of Oman
    2007 “City & street” Art event in the city of Muscat
    2005 “Circle” Art event at the Cultural Club



    2014 “Sharjah Calligraphy Biennale”Sharjah Museum U.A.E.
    2014 “View From Inside”Contemporary Arab Video, Photography and Mixed Media Art FOTOFEST, 2014 BIENNIAL
    March 15 – April 27, 2014 , Houston, Texas
    2014 “…all silent but for the buzzing”At the Royal College of Art Galleries, Kensington, London. From 5th to 23rd March 2014 U.K.
    2014 Arab Contemporary Architecture, Culture and Identity31 January – 4 May, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Denmark
    2013 “Ikono On Air Festival”September, Berlin Germany
    2013 Sovereign Asian Art Prize Exhibition Hong Kong
    2013 “25 Years of Arab Creativity” Emirates Place, Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
    2012 “25 Years of Arab Creativity” Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris France
    2012 “Arab Express” Mori Museum Japan
    2012 “Work Marry Remember” AB Gallery, Zurich Switzerland
    2011 “Roaming Images” Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Biennale Thessaloniki Greece
    2011 Video: Visions 1-3 giugno 2011 Venecia, New York, Berlin
    2010 MENASART FAIR Representative Bait Muzna Gallery Lebanon
    2010 “Memory Lines” Al-Markya Gallery Qatar
    2010 “Once Upon A Time” Bait Muzna Gallery Oman
    2009 “Contemporary Oman Art” AB Gallery Switzerland
    2009 Bangladeshi Biennale Bangladesh
    2009 “Faces of the Unknown” Bait Muzna Gallery Oman
    2007 Art Paris Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
    2007 “Self-Representation in the Arabian Gulf” VCU Qatar
    2007 Sharjah International Biennale 8th U.A.E.
    2007 “City & the Street” Circle 4, Muscat Oman
    2007 Language of the Desert Culture Centre U.A.E.
    2006 Omani Artists in UNESCO Paris France
    2006 Language of the Desert France
    2006 “Hot and Cold” Berlin Germany
    2005 Language of the Desert Museum of Bonn Germany
    2005 Trap and Laurent Museum of St. Polaton Austria
    2005 New Media from GCC Artist Washington, D.C. U.S.A.
    2005 Doha Culture Festival Qatar
    2005 Annual Show Emirates Fine Art Society, Sharja U.A.E.
    2004 Artiade 2004 Olympic of Visual Art Athens
    2004 Doha Culture Festival Qatar
    2004 The Circle: Video Art, Poetry, Narration Oman
    2003 Cairo International PennaliCairo Egypt
    2003 Oman, British Art Exhibition Oman Society for Fine Arts Oman
    2003 The Circle: Video Art,Ppoetry, Narration Oman Society for Fine Arts Oman
    2003 Childes Spirit Solo Show, Muscat City Centre Oman
    2003 Oman Culture Day Morocco
    2002 Oman Show Korea International Library, Seoul S. Korea
    2002 Distinguish Artists Al Harthy Complex Oman
    2002 Palestine the Flower of Revival Oman Society for Fine Arts Oman
    2002 Celebrate the Omani Heritage A show held in Ammam Jordan
    2002 Group Show with Omani Artists Art Center in Ankara Turkey
    2001 GCC Artist Show Oman
    2001 Sharjah International Pennali U.A.E.
    2001 The Shining Spirit Solo Show, Oman Society for Fine Arts Oman
    2000 The Blue Spirit Thesis Show, Savannah, Georgia U.S.A.
    2000 Open Studio Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, Georgia U.S.A.
    2000 Faces of the Unknown Savannah Bistro, Savannah, Georgia U.S.A.
    2000 The One Show Savannah, Georgia U.S.A.
    2000 Painting Show Savannah International Airport U.S.A.



    2013 Sovereign Asian Art PrizeTop 30 Artists in Asia Hong Kong
    2010 Grand PrizeNational Day Competition Oman