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2020   UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home. Maraya Arts Centre 7 March – 31 May 2020 Sharja, UAE

2020   UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home. Copeland Gallery 11 – 21 March 2020 London, UK 

2020  UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home. Summerhall 6 February – 8 March 2020 Edinburgh, UK

2020  UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home. L’Art Pur 9 – 29 February 2020 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2020  UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home. Art Space, Bahrain Museum 15 – 31 January. Manama, Bahrain 

2019  UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home. Ffotogallery 24 October – 21 December. Cardiff, UK

2019  UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home. Amricani Cultural Centre 1 – 21 October 2019 Kuwait 

2019  UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home. Stal Gallery 14 November – 15 December 2019 Muscat, Oman

2019  UK-Middle East travelling exhibition  The Place I call Home.  Fire Station 2 – 21 December 2019 Doha, Qatar


2019   14 Curitiba Bienniali 2019,  Brazil

2019   Christie’s Auction, Dubai, UAE

2018   Disfiguration, Stal Gallery,  Muscat, Oman                 

2018   Contemporary Photography from the Arab World. American University Museum, Katzen Arts Center in Washington DC, USA

2018   Finding Identity,  Acta International art Gallery, Rome, Italy.                 

2018   Castelnuovo Fotograafia, Italy                 

2017   Portrait show , Stal gallery, Muscat, Oman

2016   Experiment 4 , photography in motion, Germany           

2016   “ Do it Arab”  Sharjah art Museum, UAE

2016  Exhibition at  At Kunst (Zeug)Haus Museum, Rapperswil, Switzerland                                                                                


2015   “Out of the crowed “ Stal gallery, Muscat, Oman

2015   “View from inside “ Fotofest , Abu Dhabi, UAE

2014   “Sharjah Calligraphy biennale”, Sharjah Museum, UAE 

2014   “VIEW FROM INSIDE “Contemporary Arab Video, Photography and Mixed Media. Art FOTOFEST,  BIENNIAL March 15 – April 27, 2014, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

2014    “…all silent but for the buzzing…” UK,  At the Royal College of Art Galleries,  5th - 23rd March 2014, Kensington, London

2014   Arab Contemporary Architecture, culture and identity, 31 January – 4 May, Louisiana museum of modern art, Danmark

2013   GCC Art exhibition at Katara, Qatar

2012   “Ikono On Air Festival” September.   Berlin, Germany

2012   “25 years of arab creativity”  Institut du monde arabe, Paris, France

2012   “Arab Express” Mori Museum, Contemporary Arab art, Japan 

2012   “Work marry remember” AB Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2011   “ROAMING IMAGES” Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Biennale Thessaloniki,  Greece

2011   VIDEO: VISIONS, 1-3 giugno 2011, Venezia, New York, Berlin   


2010   MENASART FAIR representative Bait Muzna Gallery, Lebanon

2010   “Memory lines” Al-Markya Gallery, Qatar

2010   “Once Upon a Time” Bait Muzna Gallery, Oman

2009   “Contemporary Oman Art” AB Gallery, Switzerland

2009   Bangladeshi Biennale, Bangladesh

2009   “Faces of the Unknown” Bait Muzna Gallery, Oman

2007   Art Paris-Abu Dhabi, UAE

2007   "Self-Representation in the Arabian Gulf", VCU, Qatar

2007   Sharjah international Biennale 8th , UAE                                                                  

2007   "City & the Street" Circle 4, Muscat, Oman

2007   Language of the Desert, culture centre, UAE 

2006   Omani Artists in UNISCO, Paris, France

2006   Language of the Desert, Arab world institute, France

2006    “Hot and cold” Berlin, Germany

2005   Language of the Desert, Museum of Bonn, Germany

2005   Trap and Laurent, Museum of St. Polaton, Austria   

2005   New Media from GCC Artist , W, DC USA  

2005   Doha Culture Festival, Qatar

2005   Annual show (Emirates fine art society) , Sharjha 

2004   ARTIADE 2004, Olympic of Visual Art, Athens                                                     

2004   Doha Culture Festival, Qatar                                                  

2004   The Circle:  video Art, poetry, Narration, Oman                  

2003   Cairo International, Pennali, Cairo, Egypt           

2003   Oman, British Art Exhibition, Oman society for fine art, Oman                                          

2003   The Arabian Canvas:  Contemporary Arab Art, Dubai,  UAE                                                                        

2003   The Circle: video Art, poetry, Narration, Oman society of fine art, Oman                                   

2003   Childes spirit, (Solo show), Muscat city center, Oman

2003   Oman Culture day,  Morocco     


2002   Oman Show, Korea international library, Soul, Korea                                                    

2002   Distinguish Artists, AL- Harthy Complex, Oman                                                     

2002   Palestine the flower of  revival , Oman society of fine art, Oman          

2002   Celebrate the Omani Heritage, A show held in Amman,  Jordan                          

2002   Art center in Ankara, Group show with Omani artist, Turkey

2001   GCC Artist show, Oman

2001   Sharjah international Pennali, UAE                                                                               

2001   The shining spirit,   Solo show, Oman society of fine art, Oman                                         


2000   The blue Spirit, Thesis show, Savannah, Georgia, USA                                                         

2000   Open studio, Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, Georgia, USA                                                         

2000   Faces of the unknown Savannah Bistro,  Savannah, Georgia, USA                                                          

2000   The One show, Savannah, Georgia, USA                                                                                

2000   Painting show, Savanna International Airport, USA




2018   Young Emerging Artist Prize – 2018

2018 Disfiguration” an exhibition by Omani artists Hassan Al Meer, Safa Al Belushi, Ruqaiya Abdullah, Riham Noor Alzadjali. “Disfiguration”

2018   Songs for the Sun Solo Exhibition of an Omani Artist Moosa Omar


2017   Young Emerging Artist Prize – 2017

2017   Portrait exhibition featuring omani artists

2017   “Project Identity” exhibition featuring works by Marjan Habibian, Joachim Hainzl, Maryam Mohammadi, and Javid Ramezani.

2017   “The Journey of Finding Beauty” exhibition by German artist Janin Walter, in partnership with the Goethe-Institut

2017   Michaël Lucerne  Swiss artist with French roots       

2017   HOUSE OF CARDS, art exhibition by Anna Dudchenko


2016   Young Emerging Artist Prize – 2016

2016   The "Building/Block" a site specific installation by renowned New York based American artist Jack Sal, on the occasion of his first exhibition in Oman.

2016   The opening of “ASPHALTLIGHT” at Stal Gallery ,An exhibition by Finnish artist Soile Yli-Mayry 

2016   Omani Songbook An exhibition by Verena Kyselka 27th November 2016

2016   Portraits An exhibition by Said Al Ruwaidi, Salim Sakhi, Riham Noor, Heather Ford, and Anna Dudchenko

2016   “Reflection of the Other”, by nine local artists from the Circle of Experimental Art.


2015  Young Emerging Artist Prize– 2015, An Annual Granted Program, for Young Omani Artists, an initiative of the Stal Gallery Art Director Hassan Meer

2015  Stal Gallery presents “Selections,” an exhibition by Cyprus Ambassador’s wife, Mary Papademas, and Omani artist Enaam Ahmed.

2015   Stal Gallery Presents “Nostalgia” An Exhibition by Omani Artists Moosa Omar and Idris Al Hooti

2015   PLACE OF SILENCE Collaborative Art Event on Persona and Physical Absentia 

2015    JUST A TRIP An Art Exhibition by Iraqi Artist Sinan Hussein 

2015   Curating the “Nostalgia” Exhibition by Omani Artists Moosa Omar and Idris Al Hooti

2015   Curating the  Project “Place of Silence” in Oman, Collaborative Art Event on Persona and Physical Absentia 

2015   Curating the  JUST A TRIP an Art Exhibition by Iraqi Artist Sinan Hussein 


2014   Curating the “Portrait”  Exhibition of Bahraini Artist Jamal Abdul Rahim

2014   Curating the “Mirrors” Exhibition of Contemporary Artists

2014   Curating thesolo exhibition “Love” by Jordanian artist Mohamed Alameri

2014   Curating the  “Austria Oman Under the Same Sky” Exhibition, by Omani and Austrian Artists

2014   Curating Project “Globalization-Connections-Time” / “Trade”, organized by Stal Gallery in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region     


2013   Art Director of the Stal Gallery – the first Alserkal cultural project in Oman

2013   “Ibex Caravan” Art Event, a project with 30 artists 

2010   “Oryx Caravan” Art event, a project with 40 Artist for the 40tAnniversary of Oman. 

2007   “City & street” Art event in the city of Muscat, 

2005   “Circle” Art event in Cultural club

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