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Video installation

Video installation "Ambiguity “Features two characters portrayed by the artist, with one wearing a dishdasha and the other attired in Western dress. Projected onto a large screen, the characters converse in front of an actual art installation comprising a table and chairs. Although the piece mirrors similar themes to those in “New Identity”, it goes further by resonating with issues signifying cultural paradoxes that force the individual to divide, conceal and “re-represent” various aspects of his identity based on his receiving audience and the space or domain in which he/she is present. On a metaphysical level, Meer perceives this paradox as a state of confusion between desire and action, based on possessing the tools of happiness whilst being uninterested, or unable, to employ them. He foresees these desires diminishing to an extent that exhausts the soul and the body while the tools of “desire/happiness” in life vanish.


Video installation

When you realize the world around, you find it very tiny, and you - as a human - narrow it, because of your surroundings and believes. When you born in certain culture or religion, you only think inside that box and don’t think beyond it, like a book you only read what it written on it. Human has the choice to think and imagine within themselves,  but don’t have a choice  to question!