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Statement about art



Photographic series​“Reflection from memories” is a series of photographs showing the sense of life in Oman in the period of sixties and seventies. A big transition happened in the region through that decade; the discovery of Oil brought new hope and life to the people. Most of the Omani returned back to their home from abroad, some of them brought their memories with them and some of them left them behind. The Architecture of the city changed, people moved to new arias and left their old houses behind. The modernity has come, and the transition is happening, but with no control. Most of the cities in the aria lost there original soul, in my Work I’m trying to send a message to the people to maintain what’s left from their past.When I entered my grandfather'shousea fewyears ago I found nothing but only broken walls and windows. The emptiness of the house derived me to go back to the memory of my family. Then I started creating a series of photographs inspired by the soul of our old House.

Hassan Meer

The stones from the old house are falling of cries

  • Media: photo printed on art paper, Edition of 3

    Year: 2010

    Country: Oman, Muscat


    Signed (verso), Dated. 

    Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by Hassan Meer.

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