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The Circle of Experimental Art

The experiment of Circle exhibition of modern art is giving rise to new trends of contemporary Omani creativity as novel innovative experiments, with various twists and turns, orbiting its center but most definitely coming from the same mother source; the eternal art tree and heading to its permanent destination; man the eternal existence of beauty.

There is a profound gap between us and the beginning of earth leading us to broader horizons from which we will never return, but certainly we the artists will reveal its mysteries, and open the new doors of its wide horizon. As art is the pivot of imagination, the liberator of the soul and the lover of childhood and its first companion. Art as it take us to the unknown. Art as it is takes us to the unknown?

Without any prior conditions or control, we embark from the center of the circle to its perimeter, and from there to another horizon with wider circles. The experiment takes wider perimeters as broad as art and life.

Liberty, from which came art, is similar in many ways to childhood, which knows no boundaries or restrictions. As night embraces daylight..the sun and the moon…heaven and earth. Imagination alone is the essence of this world; remain novel, unwritten and unseen. Approach us with every beginning and move away following every ending, hoping for a new childhood, blossoming with every new creative experiment.

Life circles only form towards infinity, starting from the center and widening outwards; one after the other in a waving dance motion disturbing the calm waters and bringing out manifestations and the spiritual flow of abundant giving.

Our handicrafts will spread like forest babies or little mermaids from and to the free sky of art, to illuminate our experiments and ensure a strong but creative presence of the renewable human creativity; awaking humanity from its long lethargy.




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